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Sep. 28th, 2007 | 01:48 pm

Wow, May 31st was my last update. Sorry about that. I've kind of fallen of the face of the earth, I've been busy, what can I say? But seriously, I have been. Summers In Orlando, while working at a theme park...well, lets face it, thoes alone are busy. Up unitl about 2 weeks ago, I've been picking up a lot of overtime at work, because I've needed the money. I'll probably be getting another job here soon. We'll see. I've also been getting to know my new fellow staff members, which has meant alot of outings. The week of my bithday was busy. I was out every night. I also went to Vegas for my birthday, w hich was pretty awesome. It was so nice just to have a break from Orlando. And, it made me really miss the West Coast. Reminds me of how much I don't like Florida. I love my life it's self here, but florida, I don't like. I don't like the humidity, I don't like the wicked hottness all the time (however, I'm still happy that I'm not in Utah, where it's supposed to snow this weekend...suckas!). Work is at time, very overwhelming. But I keep pushing through. Things in the last week have been VERY insane. You who know, know what i'm talking about. I'm moving this weekend! Yay! I"m very excited about that. Well, I'm excited to be living somewhere else, I'm not excited for the moving part. So, that means....i need to go finish packing. Have a good day ya'll!

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Off to Miami!

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 09:04 am

I'm sorta settled in to this new place. Nicki (my cat) seriously loves it here, I don't think I've seen her this happy in a long, long time.

In other news, It's off to Miami (more specifically, Coral Gables) whenever I get my ass in gear and pack and clean out my car. I FINALLY get to see Kim for the first time in about 3 or so years. I'm stoaked! I'm also excited about not having to work for awhile either. It's a needed break.

So, I"m off to get my butt in gear!

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Jun. 12th, 2006 | 06:21 pm

Er, Alberto or whatever the name of this storm is. Yeah, my first "hurricane" and the first one for the 2006 season. Well technically its my second, as I was here when Dennis passed thorugh last year, but I think today weather wise was worse than that day. Tomorrow I have no intentions of staying dry, it'll be impossible. Anyway, I'm quite not prepared for it, but It's hitting to the north of us, nothing too horrible. It'll be an intersting day at work to say the least.

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Jun. 11th, 2006 | 12:10 am

Yeah, I'm happy week 1 is over with. It was a tough week, and it's over. Enough said. Last night, in celebration of the ending of week 1, I went to Orena where lil jess and I got a little, um... tipsy to say the least. It was quite enjoyable, I met a few new SW folks and enjoyed my eveningi there. Today, we went to Coco Beach and I got a start on my tan, it was nice. Tonight however, was the highlight of my weekend...I called Odyssey House back home and talked to all the kids on speaker phone, it was great! I miss them. I also had a BBQ with a few of the interns this evening, which was interesting, the sprinklers came on.

Anyway, I about thought the weekend was over when I realized it was only Satruday night. Tomorrow is going to be spent studying for the two tests I have to take this week. Oh Joy. And doing laundry. I may wake up with some ambition to go to church, we'll see. But yeah....and tomorrow is Teagans Birthday! I'm sad i'm missing it, but yay for teaggy-bug!

Anyway, goodnight all.

PS Looking forward to Monday and SeaWorld with Meg after I get off!

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(no subject)

Jun. 1st, 2006 | 08:28 pm

...and a nother note, my little brother graduated High School today, and I had to miss it. Which is retarded, they said I wasn't allowed to miss training (even though I've done it before...) and they let someone else have tomorrow off. I could be in Utah right now. Sigh....

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(no subject)

Jun. 1st, 2006 | 08:16 pm

Today had good overall day. THey have been slowly getting better the chaotic-ness that comes with the first day of camp and all that stuff.

Yesterday, while we were being trained on where/what to do for sleepovers. And I saw something I'd never seen there before! Fish! There is now fish in the Polar Bear exhibit, and they were using live fish as an EED for the beluga's and seals! I'd never seen ANYTHING like it before! Struby and Bum(whatever his name is...) were going nuts! I sat there in complete amazement! They were hunting these fish and slurping them right up! At first Spooky and Bandit could have cared less about them, but as we were leaving they were getting more intersted. AC were acutally using the "thingy's" (currently can't remember what their called)and having fish randomply pop up in the exhibit all over the place. It was really neat to see!

Today a my clique of interns (and Ed1's) stayed after to watch SeaLions tonight, which is AWESOME of course! I seriously love it! I have a good feeling those will be the ones I'm going to get close to. And Brittany, bless her heart. Has decided that she's taking over seaworld by marrying in to the Busch Family. And then, life will be great for those of us who are friends with her. SHe was cracking me up! It started with the Ed 1's complaining about certain Ed people on the Tour Side and how they're "desperate" for people, but won't hire anyone (I mentioned you Meg, and a few others had other stories as well) And so brittany said she was taking over SeaWorld and going to fire them, give us raises and put us where ever we want to work. Bless Her Heart. I love that girl. She was going on and on about it all night! And Sealions Tonight was awesome, about half the show is spent making fun of Believe, I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. I also got to teach about Killer Whale training for our "mock" teaching session we did for today. It was fabulous. I'm stoaked for camp to start. And I hope I get to work with the most awesomeness people (yes awesomeness is a word for me) this summer. It's deffintly different than last year. As I said as we were wlaking up to the sealions tonight, I really hope that the rest of the interns get to be this close the way the 10 of us already are from last summer.

I've also learned that there are a few poeple that I won't be able to handle working with this summer. So I'm swhitching if I have to work with them. Ick...

Anyway, I best be doing homework right about now. And then tomorrow night it's off to celebrate for camp training will FINALLY be overwith! IT's horrible i must say.

...until next time...

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(no subject)

May. 30th, 2006 | 07:35 pm

Yeah, I spent another enjoyable hour at the park tonight. Last night we missed the Sealions TOnight because Paul and Ron were running WAY late so it was a dissapointment not to see it. We did go to the night show of believe though. I'm still really not sure what to think of the show. It seems really cheesy and has a lot of long breaks where nothing is happening. So I'm hoping it will get better with time. Anyway, for about 75% of the show they used Taku, Katina and Ike. They never brought out Tilly/Tai, not sure why. But they did bring out Takara and Trua for the quite part (not sure what to really call it) They had Takara doing small waterwork stuff while trua stayed near the slideout with another trainer. He really has grown alot in the last little bit, I was amazed. But I was happy to see him! I can't wait to get to visit him in close up sometime. And it also made me miss the girls :( Anyway, tonight we went and did the same thing we did last night minus the night believe show (yes, Shamu Rocks America is gone. WHICH SUCKS!) We rode JTA (Journey to Atlantis) twice and Kracken once. IT's amazing how much fun that ride can be when you have some crazy people going on it with you. Haha.

Anyway, I'm still very annoyed at the fact that I still done have the internet in my apt up yet. Grrr.... I'm getting sick of all this "training" stuff the second time around. And I can already tell I'm going to be bored out of my mind with all the BIN Prep time we have the next three days, as we pretty much finished our bins today.

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I'm Slowly Adjusting

May. 29th, 2006 | 03:50 pm

I'm slowly adjusting to having to come down here to get on the internet. It gives me time to get away from my roommates and have some time to myself. I don't like how inconviente the internet is, or the office hours are. Their a pain in the ass. But I am enjoying life down here in Florida again. This group of interns I don't think will be quite as cool as last years, but I don't think it will be horrible either. I"m still on the fence about actually staying for good after the summer ends. I'm quite nervous. I'm all caught up in my online classes I think. Although I have to find a place to take tests now. Which is a HUGE pain. Grr....

Today was only a half day of work, which was indeeed nice. A co-worker and I stayed a little late and had Pizza at Voyagers and signed up for BIP. I'm actually really excited to do it. I know the program is rather pricy, but still. How often do you get the chance to acutally swim with a Beluga Whale, even if it is only for about 5 minutes? Anyway, I have a request of Meg. If you're working on July 23rd, you should try and get the 2pm BIP session, and take our pictures. And then give us a killer deal because I would love you forever and ever, and be forever indebted to you (as though I'm not already for getting my dad into the park). And we need to go play now that I'm here. Although, I'm thinking our schedules are excat opposite, you work weekends and I work weekdays....anyway...lemme know. And if you can in no way work aynthing out, that's okay. No Worries :D

Anyway, I'm gonna get going. I think my roommates and I are going to go back to the park this evening to let them get a better feel for the park, and to watch Sealions Tonight, because that show rocks! haha! Although I heard they aren't allowed to make fun of Believe. Which stinks, cuz I bet it'd be good.

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I'm so royally pissed off right now.

May. 23rd, 2006 | 04:21 pm
location: Leasing Office(but I shoudl be in my apartment damnit)
mood: pissed offpissed off

Yeah, I'm here in Orlando now. I'm not dead or anything. But I am however about ready to kill someone. I've been here for nearly a week (and my roommate a week and half) and we have had ZERO internet access that they promised us. So I went in yesterday to ask (as I got here Thursday evening very late, friday I unpacked, satruday and sunday the office is closed) why our internet isn't working "oh, they just fixed it friday, here's their number if you have any questions" Yeah, still not working so I called today "yeah, we know it's not working, we're trying to get it fixed." "Okay, so when will it be fixed" "Hopefully by the end of this week, if not by next week" "WHAT THE HELL!??? I have online classes, and I"m 2,000 miles away from home, and the internet is the only access I have to it, classes started a week and half ago and I haven't been able to check to see what's going on, and you're telling me I still have to wait anothe rweek and half until its fixed? WHAT THE FUCK!?" Okay, I dind't say what the fuck, but I wanted to. I seriously chewed the guy out. I feel bad about doing so, but still, I'm paying to have high speend internet, and I'm not getting it. Its one of the reasons I choose this place. And so he suggested coming down here to the leasing office cuz you could get a signal here (which on sunday, I tried and it still wasn't working). SO this is very convient for me. I don't have a printer, or an outlet to plug in the lapt top. What the fuck. So I got online to check, and sure enough I've already missed 3 assignments, one in each class. Fabulous. This fucking sucks, I"m so pissed off right now it's not even funny. So now I"m going to be 3 weeks behind in all my classes cuz the interent people are bastards. I can't tell you how fucking pissed off I am right now.

In other news, I'm happy to be back (other than the above rant). it's been really good seeing people around. and getting to know more. I'm starting to realize that htese online classes are going to kick my butt and its going to be very hard to buckle down and focus while everyone else is out parting and hwat not. I really hope they get my internet fixed this week. AHHH I'm so mad about it. And stressed about these classes and being behind already! But I don't know what to do or what's due. and I"m all sorts of confused.

....maybe I will go back this fall. So I don't have to do all these online classes. I never realized how freaking hard they are, and to do four at a time next fall and spring. I don't know if I can do it. Damn....but I want so badly to stay.

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I don't have Any Time!

May. 12th, 2006 | 11:28 am

Quick Update. I was supposed to pack like all day yesterday. Well, while I was out at my parents, I pinched a nerve in my back and spent two hours lying on the floor because I hurt too much to even sit up let alone stand and walk. So I'm WAY behind in packing. All is nuts. I have to finsih getting ready, go pickup my last check cuz their morons and didn't do the typical direct deposit. Then I'm going ot the zoo for a few hours with Brent, Jane, Danielle and Teagan. Then I'm coming home geting my laundry and going out to my dads for a little bit. Then coming home and having my last friday night date with Gina. Saddness....very much saddness....I hate having to say goodbye....

Anyway, tomorrow at 9am I have to be IN layton to take Nicki to the vet for a checkup and to get shots. Then I have to come back and finish packing, and What excatly my dad plans on moving tomorrow is beyond me. Cuz my bed and dresser are staying here. So he has like, the table, and a few other odds and ends, and everything else is going with me to Orlando...somehow..still working on how to get all my shit down there with me. Trying to talk him into taking a UHaul. Satruday nigth dinner with brent and jane, sunday morning brunch with lori and her family, sunday lunch with the ludlows, then I think I'm gonna go visit andria since I didn't get to go yesterday. And monday morning I leave! And I need to find away to tape Ellen Degeneres on Monday. A girl I went to high school is going to be on, and I'm dying to see that. Lol...anyway, yeah...It's all happening way to fast for me.

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